Huge Dividend Payout at Brewery? 
Here's a rare photograph - we're all smiling - not a glass in hand - what can the laugh be about?

The Colonsay music festival - enough to make anyone smile

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ALDI - supermarket first for brewery 
We've secured our first supermarket order and are looking forward to working with ALDI Stores to promote our beers. They should be on the shelves by the end of the month - so pop in and buy some.

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Workers in Booze Ban 
We think we are going to have to introduce a booze ban during working hours. Some of you in less progressive industries on the mainland may think a booze ban is quite normal - at least from 8-5 - here however we take an old fashioned view.
However the work is suffering. One of our customers has been billed for only half their delivery - another has not been billed at all for several months.
So no booze from now on - well perhaps not any on invoices day to start with.
To our customers - Sorry.

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Lets Make This A You Tube Sensation 
A beer blogger reviews our 80/- ale - worth a watch - and could not come at a better time just when we are about to go on national sale in a well known supermarket chain - more to follow.
In the meantime look at
Real Ale of Britain - you tube - link
says 80/ is a 10 out of 10. :-)

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Manran The Band For Us 
Colonsay Music Festival -- another triumph for the organisers - a great mix of music - great beer - good fun - roll on next year.
There was quite a laid back feel to the first part of the festival we thought - then Manran turned up on a rib on Saturday night and caused a storm that will echo round the island for weeks to come. They really are superb.

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